Margaret Durow

Dusan Cezek, Movie Moments.

Lee Price, Indulgence. 

L’Avventura | Michelangelo Antonioni | 1960

(Kaynak: somequeerdistortion)



60 plays

There was no light
Only the white night
First born when the sun
Screamed her eyes open
Daylight in the fields
Daylight mountains
Fire kisses the floor
Of the lakes and makes shadows

Now I cry for daylight
Daylight and the sun
Now I cry for daylight
Daylight everyone
Daylight in my heart
Daylight in the trees
Daylight kissing everything
She can see

Ooh your dream
Here on the water
Warm the sand
The seagulls calling
Kissed by kindness

You gave me this
Your fire becomes a kiss

(Kaynak: daylighteveryone)